An Emotion Leak.

?The Whimpering Girl?

Poetry 3278

And at the end?
When everything turned around a bend?
They all sat in dismay?
As the sound of her giggles fade away?
There was nothing left of her to speak?
As no one dared to peek!?
Days kept her yawning?
As the nights she spent moaning!!?
She was once an open book?
But she wasn’t aware of everyone’s look?
She shrugged when people judged her for her body’s shade?
Secretly she wished nobody else was cut with the same blade?
Nevertheless she carried on and on with cheer?
Just with a hope someone would take her for dear…?
Her circle knew of her haunting nights??
Yet none offered to be her knight?
One day out of the blue?
She didn’t want to be glued?
She cut herself lose and let herself free?
As she had always wanted to flee!!!?

– SnehaBalu?

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