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Real Madrid Vs Liverpool-UCL FINAL PREVIEW

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The very first point is both teams deserve to be in the final. While Madrid, came out through the toughest fixture possible in this UCL season, yes they defeated the French champions in their Round of 16, The Italian champions in their Quarters, The German Champs in their Semis to come to this grand stage. While Liverpool’s lethal trio scoring 29 of their overall sum of 40 in the tournament, just snubbed every team on their way. Both these teams have a glorious past while Liverpool has tasted the European trophy 5 times, while Real Madrid leading the chart with a tally of 12 to their name. Ok, we just read their past, now let’s see what is on the line!

Real Madrid is on their streak to win the trophy for the 3rd consecutive time in a row, while no team has managed to win it At least twice in a row in this modern edition of the trophy. Liverpool’s last win came back in 2005 when they came from 3-0 against Milan extending the game to the penalties and won the trophy with a perfect comeback, which no one can forget. And winning this UCL would make Madrid win the trophy 4 times in last 5 seasons and it also could reduce the gap between Ronaldo and Balon d’Or. Ronaldo is likely to finish the top scorer of the season for 6th consecutive season, showing his master-class in UCL every single season.

Such a historic event is happening tonight, and no doubt, these two teams are going to give their best. The air has an essence of magic, whenever these Finals Happen and Madrid have tasted it more than any club in Europe.

And coming to the squad, both the teams enjoy having all their regular players in good shape, no main player is injured for both the teams, except Ox being injured for  Liverpool. It may be a good, Happy news for Klopp but not for Zizou. He has too many good players and should go through a lot of dilemma in selecting the Starting XI.

Real Madrid’s attack is good, with Cristiano Ronaldo leading the pack with 15 goals in the tournament, topping the chart, he is also the only player currently to score 50 goals in this season also the only player to score in 8 consecutive seasons. Oh! This man has a lot of records to describe him. Okay, it’s definitely good for him. The question here is who’s going to team up with Cristiano!? Benzema or Bale?  Bale has been scoring in his recent games and Benz saved the team from German’s with a brilliant brace in the semifinal. Still, Bale has more chances of being in the starting lineup. The Welshman has the potential to turn the game at any time!

Madrid enjoys the best midfield. They’ve got Kroos, Modric, Casemiro, Isco, Kovacic and their very own boys Asensio and Vazquez who really work HARD for the team. Kroos’s sniper cross is a very dangerous weapon Madrid can use to destroy their opponents. Modric’s dribbles, Frequent long-range shots, ability to find Ronaldo perfectly and defensive support strengthen the team. Casemiro’s Excellent man marking and defensive tackles could really help Madrid. Isco is likely to use every chance he get’s, just because he felt the feeling of being benched during the mid-season. And Asensio would always prove him a super-sub and of course, Madrid enjoys the Asensio factor! Vazquez ability to get down deep whenever Carvajal loses his position keeps him In Zizou’s team all the way from the start of the season. Kovacic is good on the field but I feel he wouldn’t get mentionable game time though he has the ability to perform.K roos and Modric should use their Press-resistant skill throughout the games as Liverpool wins games by pressing.

Madrid’s Defense is strong by name having Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Varane, Carvajal would give the feeling of satisfaction, but they are struggling from the start of this season. Ramos and Varane always building a strong block in front of the goal, but some sudden space in the wing would end-up conceding goals! Though Marcelo sometimes provide open-space in  his line, the space he creates for the opposition when he moves up the field, No defender can match Marcelo’s attacking skills,and even some world-class strikers Don’t have his first touch and ball control, his touches with Kroos- Asensio, and pin-point crosses straight to Ronaldo would destroy the opponent defense. And tonight, Salah playing Right Wing, Marcelo should show his defending skills to keep him away from goal, while continuing his attacking supremacy. If Carvajal finds some attacking space, then definitely, he would use it for a cross. Ultimately, if the defensive unit is able to master today’s game, then The Trophy is for Madrid. Keylor Navas is in good form, and his superb show against Bayern Munich, saved the game for Madrid, along with Benz’s effort.

Ramos, Varane, and Casemiro will need to be very solid if Carvajal and Marcelo want to complete a good offensive performance.

Liverpool has a fantastic trip in their hand. While Madrid is suffering from a sudden collapse in defense, and if they can use it, Liverpool have can have good hope. Salah is in supreme form the whole season and is eagerly waiting for a trophy. Klopp and Salah have literally brought back the glory days of Liverpool. These trios share the goals between them, salah and firmino having 10 goals each and Mane having 9 to his name and they’re completely a factor to look out for.

Liverpool’s midfield is good with Dynamic Wijnaldum showing some good moves on the field. Milner is good in his position, and Henderson could help the team for possession. Definitely, Liverpool miss Alex Oxlade Chamberlain at this kind of games. The Midfielders to stop their opponent midfield, to have a control over the game if they fail then it’s a big drawback for the team.

The defense is impressive with Van Dink and Lovren forming the central defense, and On the win,g they have Alexander Arnold. What a lad he is! He’s been super-good in his interruptions and is having a good sense of defense in his brain. His long balls also are of good quality. Everyone could still remember how he pocketed Sane . Robertson is also good in his recent matches. Karius could showcase some splendid saves.

Experience plays an important role as Real Madrid’s most players played the last two finals, but it should be noted that no one in Liverpool’s lineup has played a single UCL final.
Ultimately, both teams have a good team to depend upon and both the Managers are interested in their very own way. If Liverpool can penetrate the Madrid defense or if Real can convert their crosses – whoever strives throughout the game shall taste the UCL Trophy!

Expected Line-up:
Real Madrid
Navas; Carvajal, Varane, Ramos, Marcelo ; Casemiro, Kroos, Modric, Isco ; Bale, Ronaldo.

 No injury and no suspension.

Karius ; Arnold, Van djik, Lovren, Robertson ; Henderson, Milner, Wijnaldum ; Mane, Firmino, Salah.
Injury- Oxlade-Chamberlain .

Doubtful- Emre Can .

Predicted score
Real Madrid 3-2 Liverpool
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