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The Earth as we know it today has seen many species and races in her history. The first big species that roamed this great planet were the dinosaurs. After their extinction, came the apes and the gradually us humans came into the picture. This is the knowledge of the masses and let’s not dive deep there because that’s a whole other thing to debate upon.

However, coming back here, from my knowledge I came to the conclusion that ART is what differentiates humans from Animals. ART is nothing but a subtle yet a beautiful expression of a human’s creative imagination. ART can be anything which has an innate human touch to it. Dancing, Reading, Writing, Singing, Drawing, Painting, Making love, Bartending, Driving, Teaching, Sculpting, the list goes on and on. ART can also be explained as to which humans use their sixth sense to create something from an extremely perpetual thing called ‘Soul’.

Every human being living has a unique way of expressing themselves. This is the best thing about ART. There are no restrictions to it, there is no racial or any kind of discrimination for it, anyone who is capable can create something desirable which comes from within. There’s definitely passion involved in making ART. The urge to create something spectacular and unique will never come if there isn’t enough passion and commitment.

At this day and age, ART is becoming more of a business than coming out of love. If you make money by doing what you love, that is wonderful. But stating this, a lot of people today are trying to create something for the money than to create it out of bliss. This is why ART done with soul is becoming a dying thing today. If this continues, we’ll only find ourselves to be machined in the nearest possible future with zero imagination and creativity. So my fellow humans, let’s start making ART from the soul and live a life with eternal happiness which we will try to spread it in our own unique way.

After all, EARTH without ‘ART’ is just ‘EH’.

Be human. Love. Make ART. Be happy.


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