An Emotion Leak.

A Tear and Smile

Poetry 335

Tattered Clothes to suffice the cold,
A bottle in hand to silence the raging soul,
You who move through the fallen holts,
Do you remember the grandness of your courts
and the splendour of your kings?
Or the tranquillity of your house and
the simper of your spouse.
What more does one need in life than this?
a rich history to tell and a family to hear.

But men of power beg to differ
with all the wealth to plunder,
marching on the lands did they kill
sparing none and took all that they willed.
Scrooching fire and erupting houses
lives that were spared did suffer.

I for one, a testament I do stand
for the horrors of the rapscallion
and scourge of their battalion.
Time has fleed and now that I am alone
oh! solemn soul, my mind does wonder
of the land peacefully in yonder.

The scars may have healed
but not in our hearts,
all that is left is the memories past
as a king did I live and now but a tramp,
with a tear and smile, I walk the streets
through the vista of time,
reliving the moments of the heavenly years.


Photo Courtesy: Pexels

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