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Being a woman is hard af.

Boobs? Cover yourself! You are so vulgar! No boobs? Damn, grow some! Short? You ‘need‘ those heels. Tall? God forbid! You cannot be taller than men and heels, don’t even think about it! Skinny? Gain some weight, no one likes Ms. Bones. Chubby? Eat healthy! Don’t you want to get married? Like makeup? Hell no, taking you swimming on the first date. No makeup? Take care of yourself.

Do you ever stop and think about how often women are told to change their appearance? Why are they held to such high standards in regards to the way they look?

The media and society make the young girls believe that the zero size figure is the ideal and ‘Healthy‘ body to aspire for. Most girls struggle to feel comfortable with their own skin. We, as a society, give them unhealthy goals at a very young age. As a result, they care far too much about how they look rather than who they are on the inside. We should teach them that confidence, courage, and kindness is what they need in life. We should give them good role models to follow.

We all knew Marilyn Monroe as a blonde bombshell. She wasn’t a size zero. Her breasts weren’t perky. She did not have a flat tummy or thigh gap. Yet, she is among one of the most sexiest women of all times. Everyone has flaws. As quoted by herself “Imperfection is beauty“.

Dark skin? Flaunt it like Rihanna!

Plus size? Just look at Rebel Wilson

Got stretch marks? Girl, you are a tiger! Embrace your flaws. Flaunt them. Be imperfectly perfect.

Don’t let people tell you shit. If they don’t like stretch marks on girls, they should think about how many stretch marks they gave to their mother when she carried them and how none of them are worth it cause they are a piece of shit. It is not your problem, it is theirs.

So, stop worrying about stuff you don’t have to worry about. Be you. You don’t have to change. Eat healthy. Stay healthy. Exercise if you feel like exercising. Lose or put on weight if you feel like it or just slay as you are!

So, girl keep your head high, chin up and most importantly smile! You’ve got the whole world to conquer.

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