An Emotion Leak.

Bestowed with the Best

Poetry 684

To the one who took utmost care?
Just to see her offsprings sprout fair?
Amongst all the hustle and bustle?
She gave her all in solving life’s puzzles?
Bearing up all the storms??
She moulded us into adorable forms?⛄
Though her one stare is enough?
For us to wrap our roughs and toughs?
The way she scolds?
Makes our veins cold?
When she is pissed off?
You’ll never know where things fly off?
Her work for Digital Nirvana?
Made her say “Enakku Tea Venna”?
So much busy she is⏳
She ignores the mobile’s buzz?
She keeps pestering Emily?
To polish our home with the aura of Lilly?
People call her Baaky?
At times she gets really weaky?
Yet through all the thick and thin☔?
She always is our family’s fin?
With her we swim through this life?‍?‍?‍?
Dad being proud of having such a wife?
Her untold sufferings making her a Veera?
She’s none other than MEERA!!?
– SnehaBalu?

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