An Emotion Leak.

Bestowed with the Best

Poetry 384

To the one who took utmost care🤗
Just to see her offsprings sprout fair👭
Amongst all the hustle and bustle😌
She gave her all in solving life’s puzzles🌀
Bearing up all the storms🌩🌪
She moulded us into adorable forms🌞⛄
Though her one stare is enough😡
For us to wrap our roughs and toughs😷
The way she scolds😤
Makes our veins cold😵
When she is pissed off😠
You’ll never know where things fly off🌪
Her work for Digital Nirvana🖥
Made her say “Enakku Tea Venna”🚫
So much busy she is⏳
She ignores the mobile’s buzz📲
She keeps pestering Emily💁
To polish our home with the aura of Lilly🌸
People call her Baaky👩
At times she gets really weaky🙅
Yet through all the thick and thin☔🌈
She always is our family’s fin🐠
With her we swim through this life👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
Dad being proud of having such a wife💑
Her untold sufferings making her a Veera💪
She’s none other than MEERA!!👸
– SnehaBalu🤗

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