An Emotion Leak.

By the people, For the people, Of the people

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“By the people, For the people, Of the people” err! How nonsensical the quote has become…

Is India really democratic or once in 5 years elections remind us that we are still democratic? Every time it’s about blaming the politicians for the poor state of our country. Do you think politicians are the only reason why we are still a ‘developing nation’? Misusing the power is punishable and not exploiting the power in the right way is a ‘CRIME’. Yeah! The latter is for the commons, like ‘you’ and ‘me’ just writing and reading the blog, forgetting to take actions. Merely pointing fingers towards the ‘already’ broken system has no use, unless a step is taken to clean it. When you don’t want to involve yourself in the change, how can you expect a change? People have almost forgotten the term ‘socialism’. The so-called ‘society’ means, sharing, caring, helping and excelling together on a whole. But now, you don’t want to interact unless you have a need.” SO, PEOPLE STOP OBJURGATING THE POLITICIANS AND START EMPLOYING YOUR POWER”. And here for the corrupt and inept politicians- Do you even know what does ‘politics’ mean? You are one among the people who are elected to represent the crowd’s issue and aid solving. I think you are affected by amnesia!!Better consult with a doc, you might need them. How many silly problems you have created in our nation. Were you able to help women in their safety? Or else save lives of farmers? At least did you hear them? A loud ‘NO’. Is voicing for banning a movie the very vital thing India needs now? Thermacol for rivers?! I can stack a pile of funniest things. But my purpose is different. People trusted you when you gave fake promises. They believed and hoped for a change. Don’t you think somewhere we have lost the democracy? Patriotic towards our country is a basic responsibility of every citizen. Show some concern at least for the country’s sake. We were once a great country with country leaders. Don’t spoil it. Think for a while, why you are in that position, with lots of trust on you. Dear, youth! I would like to remind you about our Late A.P.J.Abdul Kalam sir’s vision in 2020. Will it be achieved? You are grassroots for the future of our nation. Politicians, Commoners and especially the Youth-hope you understand the objective of democracy. I know you are thinking…Have a great day!

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