An Emotion Leak.

The queen’s capsicum

Poetry Thoughts 365

(The following piece of work is a bunch of gibberish crap that has nothing to do with anything. So, please do not read it.
Why did I post it? I don’t know. Do not ask me. I barely have a clue myself.)

For long they waited,
the majesty’s pick.
Never did they realise,
she took a bunch more of time.

Her right, she thought,
the capsicums were.
None dared, to correct
the enthroned bare.

One fine day,
a beautiful lad,
came to buy a capsicum
from merchants in the market.

But that fine day, was no longer fine.
for the queen had ordered,
none to own,
a capsicum or more.

Little did the merchants know,
of hypocrisy and hippos.
One longed to pet one,
so he sold his stuff for one.

Another fine morning came,
which was ruined by the cattle’s dung.
The merchant with the hippo,
came never close to dungs.

Others worried,
“what happened to the hippo man?”
he never set foot,
ever near the dunged market.
And no one really cared.

About anyone or anything,
no one ever does,
for it is the truth,
that needs to be told.

















P. S.   Only intellectuals can understand this varied class of poetry, and this may or may not have been inspired from “Jabberwocky”, a nonsense poem written by Lewis Carroll because life is a non-sense nowadays.

Guns and violence filled patriots roam other nations. We fight our own wars in this country. Slashed and hacked for loving another person, but set free from punishments for rape. Such many?roam about us, and it is our sole duty to not give a fork about it or should we? And what happens when we do, uh? The government declares us violent? The world is swirling into a non-sense state rather than the so-called diverse states of India.

(food for thought)

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