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The God Toy Chapter 1 – The new world order

December 17, 2018 12 Comments

Chapter 1 The new world order   The active rulers were from a family of  ‘high bloods’. They were named Hiladolge CF-317, the word derived from an ‘ancient’ word Hidalgo. There ancestors had ruled there since the birth of the Forge161 from the ashes of the wastelands. The war-torn lands were taken into well care […]

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A Tale of Two Species: The Cliffhanger

December 17, 2018 7 Comments

It is clouded. It is always clouded. I walk lazily towards the main door of the house and try to open it. “Zeki, sweetie come here”. I turn and scuttle towards the woman’s voice. Mom. Standing near her is a tall and well-built man who kneels down and gestures me to come closer. “Zeki. I […]

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The God toy : A dystopian series

December 17, 2018 6 Comments

233 years into the future. The world changed the way you perceive it. The inventive, yet another destructive discovery, of the Blour particle, led the world into a very fast forwarded, futuristic phase. Humans evolved into much higher species, with more powers, comfort and knowledge. A couple of centuries back, greed & lust for power […]

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