Category: Poetry

The deep scar…

December 19, 2018 11 Comments

From all of a sudden… It dropped…. On the journey of other… found there it was.. Hours of waiting…. Year of protection…. awaited it was…. Never touched by many…. selectd prints…. There fell the first scratch … in the body….. My heart sank in deep ocen… tears started rolling I Stand… On seeing the scars […]

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Recollected In Tranquility

December 19, 2018 7 Comments

At the threshold, motionless, I pause; Taking it all in as doubt gnaws. A little voice, the angelic one, chides; To flee, to safety, to follow the light to the realm outside. And all the while a little devil whispers; To stay, to burn, to writhe in the pits of the altar. Two different halves […]

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Depression Diaries

December 19, 2018 15 Comments

May it be as before when I was in the world of fantasy…. Now my world is sour because you become my world… I wanted to get back…. back to me…. As the one who laughs aloud ….. I don’t want to stay chuckling…. Take me back and leave me behind our meeting.. Go back….and […]

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The besotted proposal

December 19, 2018 35 Comments

The besotted proposal A tranquil being Of solitude and loneliness. Broken, faded, and braided By the world around. Into a determined soul I was molded long back. But barely I remember the times Aback. For not him, I am anymore. Lost to the world, In a war of the words. I yearned for you From […]

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The queen’s capsicum

December 19, 2018 7 Comments

(The following piece of work is a bunch of gibberish crap that has nothing to do with anything. So, please do not read it. Why did I post it? I don’t know. Do not ask me. I barely have a clue myself.) For long they waited, the majesty’s pick. Never did they realise, she took […]

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?The Whimpering Girl?

December 19, 2018 47 Comments

And at the end? When everything turned around a bend? They all sat in dismay? As the sound of her giggles fade away? There was nothing left of her to speak? As no one dared to peek!? Days kept her yawning? As the nights she spent moaning!!? She was once an open book? But she […]

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Vase of life

December 19, 2018 3 Comments

Broken into pieces, he knew his time was up. Some distant flicker of hope, it burned in light blaze. Visible as a dot, that seldom others try to reach for. His time was up yet naught he eyed his watch. It’s time, it rang the shrill, dreadful alarm. A vague message his mind send. Never […]

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The Ever Dying Lines

December 19, 2018 8 Comments

The ever dying lines  One alacritous rug rat, of lot mores of Lores. Long he envisaged it, the endless beyond. A heart, of nothing, he yearns to fill in. With wisdom and love, here forth. A bairn heart, illume inside. Still inflame, bright red. A reason, be it all, is one. Just U

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One True Soul?

December 19, 2018 111 Comments

Blue and pink?? Made us sink? Deep down into the ocean? With loads of passion?? Your blissful words? Made me fly like birds? When the colors of my life drained ? You brought a rainbow after my eyes rained? You changed everything in a swish? In accordance to my wish? Black and white brought us […]

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