An Emotion Leak.

Civilizations? Cultures? Wait! I have a controversy!

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Yo! Humans. Are you insane? Why do you restrict the natural human desires? I seriously have no clue how these so-called “cultures” came into existence and made things upside down. These cultures suppress certain natural instincts in the name of making him civilized. But, if you look deep into that though, you’ll understand that those suppressions have made humans psychopathic. Do you remember about our early nomadic life? We were happy, stress-free and never had selfish thoughts. A group of people lived together, helped each other, hunted for food and lived in the caves (I am not saying that we have to go back to those times where money wasn’t a big deal). Then the nomads made themselves a little equipped and started a civilization. They drafted a set of rules which they considered perfect. Later, the Anarchy system came into the picture where protocols for personal life, social life, trade and education were made. Now we are in the modern society which dangles between the nomadic life and cultural life. So, this is what the point I am trying to explain. We are not following either of these lives. We need money for survival yet yearn to travel like the nomads did. It is not absurd to talk about the mental torture ‘every’ woman undergoes due to the mindset of our society. Ever wondered why and how clothes were worn by early men? Let me tell you an answer which will change your mindset about clothes. The last stage of development of the human is ‘us’, we name ourselves the ‘Homo sapiens‘. This species shed its thick body hairs through evolution from Homo neanderthalensis. Due to this, there was a need for covering the body for warmth. Discovery of cloth dates back around 170,000 years ago. In the early stages, the skin of animals was used and with the development of civilization, technology fabrics were introduced. Hmmm! Did I make you think little deeper into history? Maybe so. Do you want to know how the purpose of dressing got twisted, especially in our country? Have you heard about Aryans? They were typically warrior-nomads. Their community considered the male gender as superior and the females had little to no importance. The women of their tribe were supposed to cover their whole body and should be accompanied by a male if they needed to go out. Before their invasion, people of Sind (now India) considered women as Godly and who had the power to rule. Lots of poetesses (specifically avaiyaar) were there. Their invasion had a bad impact on our poor land. From then till now, women were not able to rise back to their status. So, it’s clear why our present society is full of black marks. Let me conclude by telling that it’s high time to know the answer to all the ‘whys’ that your brain asks. We have changed the purpose of our existence. We have made gender-based protocols. No! There is a mistake somewhere amidst these scenes. Wake up, homo sapiens. Earn your need and live your life along with your fellow members of the greatest species. Have a great day!

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