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Corporate world – The parallel dimension

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In this fast timeverse, nobody has time-tears to shed for others’ problems unless they are a victim of something. For every small problem, you’ll find its roots leading to a big corporate conspiracy. Groceries, apparel, medicine, household… and obviously electronics… The corporate world has become the only water body where you can fish for the bare need of survival. You keep going deeper into the lake in the intention of catching big fish, but little do you notice that you keep sinking as you go, to a stage where you realize you cannot come back, but drown. Though this is the latter stage… What if? The fish you catch and eat is poisonous and the cure for it is another fish which you cant afford to catch? Or what if the so-called cure fish causes secondary poisoning? Guess by now, you would’ve started to understand the chain…
The lion’s share of the human population is aware of the creepy substances added to your food in the name of emulsifiers, milk solids, and permitted class I, II, III preservatives and code-named chemicals which can cause you cancer or something even more deadly. The manufacturers have been very honest in mentioning ‘contains artificial flavor, nature identical flavoring substances’. But are you aware of stuff happening around you other than food, which could serve you as a trump card to the corporate world? Let’s find out… There are 3 steps which the corporate world follows to make us slaves. 1.creating an illusion 2.making us fall for it 3.making money out of it.
The following phrase will help you understand the 3 steps. Food market, mankind’s first priority… corporate’s opportunity. The first step it did was made us believe that food we buy from the local market and food grown in the country’s farms lacks hygiene, it stuffed the scenario that buying from supermarkets and imported foods and vegetables is kind of cool and the only hygienic place to buy food. This is done through tv, paper advertisement and even through agents who indirectly inculcate the culture. And yes we all fell for it. Now that the illusion is created, they minted billions of billions… The growth of online food markets and supermarkets are evident examples of the above scenario. Should this continue, in the near future, when corporate industries take over cereal farming (which has started already) you wouldn’t be surprised to buy a kilogram of wheat or paddy for 999/- “only”.
Could someone make money out of pain? Easily… Feminine readers, this paragraph is for you. Are these your special days of the month? Great, then you would be equipped with sanitary napkins. Because that’s the hygienic way, right? If yes then the corporate world has successfully done its first step… As the tv ads reveal, the so-called gels with dioxin and rayon material in the pad claiming to be softer than cotton are alarming threats which cause ovarian, cervical cancer and infertility. Moreover, the antibacterial and antigermal substances cause uterus and ovary damage. Keeping highly toxic carcinogenic chemicals close to your genitals has somehow become an inescapable part of your life. Sleep right, eat right and add fruit stone (seeds and center part) still you can fight these. Guess the ash wasn’t so dangerous after all…

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