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As the years passed, there has been a constant change in trends. People started updating themselves to the new trend by traveling and seeking. There has been a vast change of trends from the age of Adam and Eve till the present. It all started with leaves and now with palazzos. The fashion world has a long way to go further.

Around the world in each and every city, the mall act as a runway between the fashion world and the society. It bridges and sets out a new trend. On the other hand, it is also a stated fact that the malls are at its peak in window shopping in a country like India, when compared. The malls in urban cities act as a landmark as it takes the city context a step ahead, socially. They almost bring the entire city life into building complex. One such landmark in Coimbatore is the Brookefields mall, which is rightly located near R.S.Puram since it is a perfect mixture of commercial and prime residential hub.

Human psychology is to get attracted to posh areas. They believe, it is a pride to visit such place where Brooke fields scores top on that aspect. Brooke fields is basically a four-storeyed building apart from the basement parking. It has got three basements for parking which is aptly designed in such a way that it doesn’t discomfort the crowd inside the mall and also enables good access for the public. It has got a couple of-entrances directly from the parking on the antithetical ends at different levels and so does the mall have the facility of staircase and elevators. One of the main criteria of any space is the circulation pattern. The escalators are widely used to reach different levels. They are rightly placed according to the ease of access to the crowd. The alternatives are the staircase and elevators which are placed on the side wings in such a way that it does not disturb the circulation pattern. The elliptical atrium designed between gives us a spacious and a royal feel. The design, by itself, gives us a high order which eventually makes the crowd be well mannered and socially put up.
Yet another fact is that the mall is widely visited for the pictures than shopping, which also makes it a perfect place to hang out for the young generation. Just like there are two sides for a coin, the mall has got its own merits and demerits. Next, to the cinema, the food court stands right on the top of the aspects of income with a lot of consumers, which is followed by the hypermarket spar. Then follows the clothing units such as RMKV, Reliance, Max, Lifestyle and pantaloons which takes a huge part in connecting the fashion world and the society. They are the ambassadors for the new trends which update their customer.

The next noted place in Brooke fields is the ‘Fun City’, which is placed near the food court on the third floor. The Fun City attracts the kids, whom their parents end up leaving behind, for their leisure during weekends. The location of the fun city and the food court are designed according to the business strategies. It attracts not only kids but also the youngsters for its disco lights and loud music for gaming. It almost takes them into a different world which can be aptly termed as,” The World of Gaming”.

As a matter of fact, the posh and vibrant atmosphere inside the massive infrastructure attracts people and still is continuing to do so. They serve as a perfect place for the fashion minds, for it networks the notion of updating amongst the ardent window shoppers and other subsequent customers.

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