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“THE SEED OF REVOLUTION IS REPRESSION”. The industrial revolution which took place in the 19th century had a great impact on art and architecture. It was the era of revolution which has created an impact in every aspect of life. Many inventions took placed and paved its way to the new manufacturing process. The revolution started in England which later spread to Europe and North America. The inventions which were made during this era increased the standard of living. “THE CHILDREN OF REVOLUTION ARE ALWAYS UNGREATFUL AND THE REVOLUTION MUST BE GREATFUL THAT IT IS SO”. The railway which came into existence during this era is a meaningful symbol of new age and had a great consequence for architecture. This invention led the pathway for the construction of stations, bridges and tunnels. Not only the railway but also the other notable inventions like the steamboat which had a great consequence for mass migration from across the world, motorcycle, motorwagen, telephone, weaving machine, camera, wallpaper printing machine, typewriter, toiler bowl, etc took place in this era. It all had a great impact on the society. The usage of new materials such as the cast iron, glass, concrete, wrough iron, etc came into existence.
Structures consisting of metal columns and girders no longer needed walls for their statics. This marked the onset of the most significant technological revolution in architectural history. Solid structures were replaced by skeletal structures which oh made it possible to erect buildings of almost unrestricted height and width using prefabricated elements. Glass was manufactured in large sizes and volumes. The Crystal Palace which was designed for The Great Exhibition became the model for other experiments in iron and glass. The IRON TOWER was constructed as entrance for Paris Worlds’s fair in the year 1887. It is 1063 feet high with 81 Floors. It got its shape to withstand the force of the wind. Even though the Eiffel Tower is being criticized as an eyesore it made the world turn behind. It gave a challenge to all the designers and constructors to think out of the box. Till the industrial revolution to take place buildings were built with stones which weren’t that luxurious.
“THE LOVE OF BEAUTY IS TASTE. THE CREATION OF BEAUTY IS ART”. As the result of the revolution art in architecture became important. The people started admiring the beauty of buildings. New materials were used for construction. The usage of red bricks with steel frame came into existence. Steel frame supported the tall buildings to withstand. The combination of red bricks and steel frame were used in the construction of the first skyscraper. The new designs brought a revolution in architecture
“FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION”- the mindset of the people changed. As days passed they wanted creation instead of evolution. They tried to create things as a symbol of growth which ended up with bizarre structured buildings. By then the contemporary architecture came into play. The main idea of contemporary architecture lies in revolving the historical styles. Facing classic trends of the industrial revolution the contemporary architecture comes with a totally different proportion to what already existed. It provided a stark vision generated by the ideological changes that led to the formation of democracies in the world. The construction used more of columns and triumphal arches. In the modern era, the engineers and architects had a great role. The government needed the projects within a short period of construction and wanted it to be easy technical. All the needs in construction during the modern era is not satisfied by the new materials. Still, the haunt for better and cheaper materials by the era is on.

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