An Emotion Leak.

F. R. I. E. N. D. S

Poetry 1137

From holding hands in school on the first day?
Until shaking hands in office on the pay day?
There will always be one pack of friends?
Who wouldn’t leave your side until you mend?
There will be ups and downs??
Which people always deal with a frown?
Even if you are sick?
You know they are there to pick?‍❤️‍?
If you ever doubt if you even matter?
They can tell you stuff that you will flatter?
If life beats the shit out of you?
You know you still have those few?
Even if you are going to be sacked?
They are still going to have your back?
As the saying goes through thick and thin?
They have wanted each other to win?
For life will definitely have bends?
You are blessed if you have friends??



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