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Focus! A Simple Change to Improve life!

Psychology and Life 255

Have you all ever wondered what makes the Japanese people tenaciously successful than the rest of world? What makes them more persistent that even after facing two world wars and devastation of the nuclear bombs, they are able to rise back on their feet to bring dominance? I thought that might be some grand work behind this, but the actual realization made me wonder can it be possible!?

                  The Japanese culture is one of the few known for its versatility and antiquity. Unlike the others, the central core of their philosophy revolves around two things, Mindfulness of others and Self Improvement. They are so well versed in it that they have found a way to break all the barriers of being and found a way to perfect it.


  It’s the continuous art of self-improvement. Though the practice has been there for a very long time, it was Professor Masaki Imai who introduced this method to the westerners. Though it is actually recognised as a business strategy it can be implemented into our lives for self-improvement itself. Kaizen literally means Change for the better. This is accomplished through small minor changes to the lifestyle. The main aim of this process is that our brains can’t handle immediate changes to lifestyle, whereas Kaizen trains our brains very subtly to accept it without you totally noticing it. The steps are as follows,

Step I:  Set achievable goals, these may not be highly complicated but very simple and easy ones.

Step II: Stay consistent in making the progression in small steps without losing it.

For example, let’s say that you are failing in a subject and want to improve in it. All you need to is to spend 10 minutes of every in studying the concepts. Not a minute more or less… Don’t think hard about this for the rest of the day. Keep practising by setting achievable goals like these. Gradually increase the duration on a daily basis from 10 mins to15 min and so one. Within a month you’ll be able to make greater progress easily. The only aim in this is to maintain the consistency of the progress. Small changes make greater improvements.

The Process of Decluttering:

                  One of the major limiting factors to success is being unorganised. Most of the clumsiness comes from having too many articles over the same place and taking time in finding them or entirely losing them. Kaizen’s techniques do not allow you to have a lot of obstacles over you and keeps you to stay organised and focussed. Kaizen has a series of 5 principle philosophy called as 5S, which helps you to be organised.


  First, identify all the unnecessary things around you and eliminate them. Most of these will only confuse you and makes things more complicated. It may be anything from your old clothes to remorseful moments, just simply discard them. I know it’s very hard but it’s worth it.

Seiton :

 This is to organise all the essentials in uniformity to have easier access to them and save more time. This also keeps you calm and be less frantic at crucial times.

Seiso :

 This is to keep the workplace and your thoughts clean and shiny. Having a dusty and negative thought processing will definitely hinder you from having to implement the first two. A positive thinking and the work of cleaning the place around you to be speckless at regular intervals helps you think better. This physical act has psychological effects on a person’s life towards one’s improvement.

Seiketsu :

 Set objectives to have good morals to be observed at all times. Having good values and high morals will help you to regularise the life patterns. Such practise helps you to implement swiftness and prevent miss happenings. It also helps in the way of you thinking and gives you a multi-dimensional outlook on things.

 Shitsuke :

 Finally one must keep practising all the above-mentioned practises with consistency to make progress. It’s okay to fail in the set tasks but truly one is to fail only when he gives up in trying, for no one knows what the future holds for us.

                  Apart from all this, another key factor that decides the success of a process is the passion towards it. For if there is passion in the work you do then there is nothing to stop you. Even if you hate something, don’t just leave it as such just keep trying through small changes in them to the make a major revolution in your life.

A great many thanks to Dr N.M Hariharan and Mr Sasikumar for teaching me what it truly means to be or at the least to be punctual, perfect and hard working in all my endeavours for without their stern guiding hand I still would have been a couch potato. Thanks, Mr Hemachandran for teaching me how one must be passionate about one’s work even when you hate it and to make the most out of it.

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