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God is alien ??? Part – I

History 1167

Do we worship aliens?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean this in a bad way. It is just my point of view. To be fair it is a pseudo-scientific topic, highly debatable.

We were taught he is our creator and is omnipresent. As of his appearance, he is described to be more or less similar to humans in appearance but superior than us in every way possible. When asked where he resides, we proudly say he is above, watching us from the beyond. As far as Hinduism is concerned, we were always aware of the existence of 3 worlds or lokas to be more specific. What if “a different world” means “another planet”.

Why do we look at the sky at the thought of God?

Let me quote an example. I am sure you guys are familiar with the Ellora caves. Take cave 16 for instance,” The kailashanaadhar temple“.

The temple vimana stands for a baffling height of 100 ft and is supposedly built in 18 years caved from the mountain of rocks. Even with today’s technology, it is impossible to do so within 18 years.

Another astonishing fact is the way that it had been built. For instance, if 30000 people worked for 12 hours without a break for 18 years, 400 tons of rocks would have needed disposal every hour. Think of the massive amount of rock piles that would have formed. But these piles are nowhere to be found and they are not used in any other temple.

So where did the rocks go?

There is a type of instrument similar to that of the present day laser generators, mentioned in the Puranas called the Bowmastra, it is said that it had the capacity to vaporise rocks.

This is the only possible explanation. What if the gods were aliens who gave our ancestors modern technology for development but had to destroy them as it was being used in the wrong means. Maybe that was why the great flood occurred decades ago.

How do you explain the radioactivity signals detected at famous holy places? Not just in Hinduism but it is also found in various other religious places.

For those who immediately frown upon this theory. Are you saying there isn’t a tiny possibility that this may be true? Don’t take it personally or as an offence to your religion, just think about it as a probability.

Since I am more familiar with Hinduism I quoted an example from that.

Remember it is highly debatable and just a possibility.

Stay tuned for part II, to know about the Natarajar Statue and the Secret of Chidambaram, Until then Have Courage and be Kind.

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