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Is god an alien? Part-II

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If you haven’t gone through the first part, God is alien ??? Part – I

I am pretty sure most of you guys would have heard about the Natarajar statue. Today I want to speak to you guys about the statue, particularly the one in CERN gifted by our government. Till date scientists are baffled about the things they find about the statue each day.

There is a reason why Lord Shiva’s Natarajar statue is called The Cosmic Dance. Everything about it is out of this world.

For starters they call him,” ambalathil vaalum natarajar”, a Tamil statement which means the king of dance who resides in space.

The secret of Chidambaram has various versions and is often told in different ways. But the truth is, it isn’t one particular secret rather a bundle of secrets called the secret(s) of Chidambaram.

My personal favorite was this particular Tamil verse told in the purana’s and engraved in the temple and I quote ” andathil irupavan pindathil irupan“.

The quote roughly translates to the one who resides in space resides in our body. As we all know all matter is made of atoms and molecules and as a matter of fact, the shape of the solar system with the orbitary path of the planets resemble the shape of the atom with the electron’s orbitary path. Fascinating, isn’t it?

It was later found that the statue is also self-explanatory about space-time relativity. The structure of the statue consists of a sinusoidal wave curvature which is a phenomenon of Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Moreover, the center point of the earth is located right below the bottom of the left big toe (hallux) of the Natarajar statue present in Chidambaram.

Just think about it. No one can blabber a scientific theory by sitting around a bonfire. It is a well-known fact that humans cannot think of something which they have not sensed.

Seeing the way they define avatars of gods living in heaven, they might have been hinting at interactions with aliens of a totally different dimension which may have happened within regular time intervals with a particular community of people.

So, whatever be the reality, we are free to assume as everything and anything is possible in this mysterious universe. As I already told you this is just my point of view. Hope I didn’t offend you. Let me know your thoughts and views in the comment section below.

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