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Jump Force – Review

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From the creators of most popular anime video games series like Dragon Ball, Tekken, and Naruto this game is a treat for anime fans alike. Although, there are some minor flaws; eye-popping CGI let down by clunky cut-scenes and character designs that exceeded and disappointed the fans expectations alike.

When Jump Force was teased by Microsoft in the 2018 E3, there was quite a loud hype, escpecially among anime fans. 3-D designs were ever more excellent than it used to be. Fans around the world united in screams and ‘jumps’ seeing the teaser. What was expected to be the best cross-over since Marvel turned out to be not what they thought it was.

Let me cut to the chase rather than beating around the bush with unwanted details.


Vegeta (DBZ)

Let’s start with the designs and what not. The game built and optimisation is top notch. Got to thank Unreal Engine for that. With smooth scaling actions and manoeuvres, the fighting looks as good as their respective anime can get. The three-dimensional character design with the almost photorealistic environment with the addition of minor detailing for each character during the matches is pretty decent. But there was a bit of flaw here and there. The character design were not as perfect as it should’ve been. Some characters were badly designed, for example, Marshall D. Teach a.k.a. Blackbeard from One Piece. It almost seemed as though only the side of his mouth was moving throughout a cut-scene where he spoke for minutes. It was creepy. Creepy as a fudge, again. 

Wonder why he reminds me of someone who happen to rule over a similar super secret organisation which is no more in a cinematic universe.

Other flaws I noticed was not much of a flaw but the acceptance of the 3-D model of your favourite anime characters. Some characters should’ve stayed in the anime-verse is what the fans mean. I gotta contradict to that by saying, they were all pretty decent, especially in the fighting.


These two characters, by the way, were created by Akira Toriyama, the legend who brought Dragon Ball series to life. Designed just for this game, these original characters play the antagonists.

The story mode is where people got terribly disappointed. The story was barely fine, on top of that cut-scenes (OMG), clunky as a fudge. I ain’t talking about the main cut-scenes like anime style, even though there are some action based cutscenes which were more than just good. It’s those usual audio-less cut-scenes that happen during the conversation mid of the J-RPGs. Terrible reaction and facial movements right there.

The rest all are the clichéd J-RPG gameplay with levelling up features with abilities that can be bought, customisable characters and such – which are all acceptable. 


Just pure fun here.

Coming over to the multiplayer or the so called two player matches was the most fun I’ve had or to be honest, the only fun I’ve had. Grab a couple of friends (if you’ve got any), output the display to a large TV or screen (if you are rich enough to own one, or any other display would suffice), grab two controllers, and voila. Conduct yourself a tournament or competition (whatever you name it) and go all arcade mode. It’s the best thing ever if you’re an anime fan.

A bit colourful, I must admit.

 With over 40 characters (and supposedly teased upcoming 9 DLC characters) this game gave eyegasms to a few of my friends who knew almost every character. The ability moves are given based on the respective character as it was in their respective anime, but the buttons are just the same, which, fans of other Bandai Namco games (*cough* *cough* Xenoverse 2 *cough*) would find it difficult to play because it’s too easy. Yea. Difficult for it’s easy. Unruly.

Other than the lame reason, the battle arenas include one legendary, unforgettable location from One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z each, rest of the arenas happen to be real life places such as New York, Hong Kong, Japan, and such where the main story happen to take place.

Optimization is not your enemy here, fortunately.

The main avatar with Piccolo (DBZ)

The game’s optimisation is noticed immensely here. The movements are smoother than the top of a cream spread butter toast. The cameras… don’t even need to say anything. The camera angling was perfect as the sunset with a cocktail in your hand. No probs there whatsoever here. And ‘here’ is the reason why you should even consider buying the game. The 49 character rooster is just the best thing to happen to an anime game for a long time. 

Playing online is a whole different thing. With usual parameters to tweak the matchmaking and such, the fighting takes a whole lot of punch there.


With over 40 SHONEN JUMP anime characters, Jump Force is a major fun filled 3-D fighting game let down by clunky cut-scenes and minor character design flaws, this game is not as worth as it boasts off where the base pack is nailed at $60 and ₹4900 in India, but if you are not a loner and can afford friends and stuff like that, then this game is just F-U-N!

Arigatō gozaimashita


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