An Emotion Leak.

Modi’s Democratic India

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I”LL talk based on the fact that I am more familiar with.

1.Many MNC’s have agreed to the fact that, ease of doing business in India has improved a lot.Comparing to the previous UPA government.

2.Aadhar card linking can be considered a tiring work, but that one card has the whole history about you, from your loans to your phone number, this card has everything about you.Even many developed countries have appreciated this considering India’s huge population.

3.The unemployment rate is increasing steadily, in spite of the market being stable.

4.Increase in price of petrol products, even after the crude oil prices reached the record low.

5.In spite of all this, their party leaders talk’s are disrupting the communal harmony.

6.Kerala model (Marxist govt.)have fetched tremendous results for Kerala in terms of education, healthcare, HDI etc. so following them might add up some value to our current situation.

7.Any government is better until they disrupt the communal harmony of our nation.just in the name of development, Ruining our natural riches and creating Division among the people, is never a sign of true leadership!

Let the government may be any! But the people be one!!.

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