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It is a stated fact that according to human psychology the fellows with minimum fat are termed to be healthy. As a result of which nowadays we are able to spot a lot of gymaholics than workaholics. It is also a proven fact that the people who are being fit are happier, attractive and easy going when compared. On the other hand, we still have people in a country like India who doesn’t believe going to the gym is advisable who rather prefer walking and jogging in a pure atmosphere.
HAPPY STREETS act a platform to bring all sets of people who want to be fit in their own way. The Happy street in the Coimbatore city is held from Aug 11, 2015, at R.S.Puram till the West Ramalingam road which is a perfect mixture of the prime residential and commercial hub. People of all age groups gather here every Sunday. The Coimbatore city co-operation has put in this effort of bringing them together. They also have sponsors who conduct free health check-up for the people and also entertainers who conduct various events like yoga, aerobics, concerts, etc.. and keep them engaged. Groups of people are found playing their favourite sport such as football, badminton, skating, cricket etc. There are also facilities to rent free cycles for those three hours by providing an ID. Games like human snake and ladder, sack race, drawing competitions what not are conducted for the kids. The main motto of this happy street is to make people to get on the streets and to use them to the maximum in a healthy way. This is conducted on every Sunday for a period of three hours which is fixed from morning six. As a part of which the vehicles are diverted during those three hours in order to avoid causing inconvenience. Many cities have taken this effort of conducting the happy street.
The first car-free day in India was on Nov 7, 2013, which was initiated by the Gurgaon officials which eventually paved its way to the happy street. The idea of this is to make people use their streets to the maximum and have interaction with one and another than starring at the busy and the noisy face of the same street.
The concept of this happy street has taken away the lazy mentality of Sundays. It gives a perfect healthy start for the week. It doesn’t gather only the fitness orientated minds but also the group of youngsters who plans reunion every week. Apart from giving a healthy start for the week it also extends its part to know more people. It gives a different ambiance in the city.

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