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History 127

Being one among the future fraternities of architecture few terms and concepts such as green architecture, sustainability, deconstructivism, biomimicry, origami and few more seems to be familiar which is not really.  Many of these terms are correlated and have a similar meaning which differs or rather defined within a thin  line…for a perfect understanding, all the cakes ain’t pastries but all pastries are cakes. These terms seem to          be familiar and simple which is not. They are not defined in a term but are in many ways. One such term is CONSERVATION…

With a broader vision and to make it simple and defined I would say conservation is nothing but preservation      of something. That something might be a building, a natural resource or even a cultural heritage or absolutely anything.

We the humans evolved through uncounted millennia of close contact with nature. As mobility,  increased  nature lost its intimate reality, Locomotion by machine brought in a restless age. The old allegiances and restraints have largely disappeared; the community living which was the pattern of old societies no longer   exists, at least in the same form.

Humans are often identified with their place of habitat. Regional Identity is the tell-tale which is a part of a person’s identity not only rooted in his country but all over. It is a smaller version of one’s national identity.            It is often represented by accent, dialect, and custom. Viewing it in a  broader vision we can deduce that it provokes regional and national identity. The cultural identity was formed by the cultural arena which stimulated the regional identity. As a “historic reservoir,” culture is an important factor in shaping one’s identity. Cultural identity is a part of one’s own self-conception and a perception that is related to any kind of social group that has its own distinct culture.

It is also noted that an individual’s “cultural arena”, or place where one lives, impacts the culture that the person chooses to abide by. The cultural arena is formed because of the present macro-regional network that is created by the people based on their working classes. Thus, cultural identity is able to take many forms and can change depending on the cultural area which has to be conserved.

Thus, cultural arena plays an important role in architecture. We sometimes do not cease to think of our identity, our culture is fading away. So Architecture is designing of habitats and other structures based on its environment and shouldn’t it be the need of the architect to preserve it? Architecture must innovate or renovate a society in the vision of construction. An architect yet besides being an artist capable of choosing between the superficial and the real and of feeling himself to be a part of his society should be a good technician. So, now what is our role? To innovate or to renovate or to replicate the exact history?

It is our option but conserving them is the motto whatever replicated or renovated.

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