An Emotion Leak.

One True Soul?

Poetry 45661

Blue and pink??
Made us sink?
Deep down into the ocean?
With loads of passion??
Your blissful words?
Made me fly like birds?
When the colors of my life drained ?
You brought a rainbow after my eyes rained?
You changed everything in a swish?
In accordance to my wish?
Black and white brought us closer ☯
You made me re-live when life was darker?
When I told words are stronger??
You proved me they can also be softer?
When I complained I couldn’t see?
You assured me you would always be?
When I let my past bury me?
You dug the whole way just to stand by me?
You gave a whole new meaning to my life?
And made me long to be a part of your life??
– SnehaBalu?

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