An Emotion Leak.

The act of perception : Part 1

Psychology and Life Thoughts 3642

It is often the misconstrued that the ‘different ones’ are actually suffering from some mental illness. It may seem like the older customs and ideas were obliterated over time, but the thoughts are still lingering on the feeble, fragile minds of the wanderers in the present day. The divergent ones are still considered queer, odd, strange, ‘special’ or whatever similar words that corresponds with it. Though we say to ourselves or to the public –  for what you call a public stunt – that we endorse them and consider them to be equal, the minds of such people detest the beings. It may be the mindset or they are simply just an asshole. Coming back to the affected individuals, there is an ever-increasing number of categories of the aliened ones. Back in the 17th century Great Britain, there were people specialised in treating (taking care of) such folks and their kin – called themselves The Alienists; And no, I am not directly referring to the Netflix series. As the years forwarded, the alienists began to change to psychiatrists and them to a psychologist, and I believe, now, they to neurologists (Fortunately, for they have started explaining the mysteries and conundrums of the life of people deemed lost and cracked. Here comes the topic I wanted to speak to you about; The mystical crackheads that roam about us. The modern medical sciences have proved many cases, especially the neuroscience division, which redefined the most difficult of cases. One such person in the field is Dr. Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, who wrote one of the best Neuroscience book easily perceivable by the faint hearted, Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind, the book I recently read and was fascinated to write this piece. Some cases of cookoos may not be what it seems. It could be something as simple as some loose contact or some minute short circuit in their neurological pathways that is perceived as broken. It is here where our perspective matters. We have proven over the course of our generations of evolution that there is a scientific explanation for everything and here too we need to see it that way, most of the time at least – there are some exceptional cases; The genetic disorder leading to murder and similar psychological ‘capabilities’. The direct assumption that they are mentally sick or psychologically inconceivable is what actually makes them one, and not the truth. The truth is always bitter. It is time to change all that. There needs to be proper diagnostics before we, ourselves, become the judge and the executioner.

A food for thought.


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