An Emotion Leak.


Poetry Thoughts 852

Blocked by doubt, insecurity, and fear,
I’m stuck, somewhere within me.
Suffocated by this bubble I have built for myself,
I’m afraid to even let a helping hand near.

The hovering thoughts never stop,
And the confusion prevails.
The nothingness ahead haunts me,
In defeat my mind silently wails.

No will to move forward,
There’s hardly a way out it seems.
Yet I wander aimlessly in my head,
I’m stuck, but that doesn’t bind my dreams.

Lost in search of a soothing thought,
In a lost trail of track I roam.
Looking for a ray of hope,
That’d guide me to the way back home.

I’m stuck,
but not my dreams,
I’m stuck,
but only within me.

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