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The Big Sick , Why its making headlines and Why you should watch it

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Let me set this up, there’s a very less chance you’ve watched The Big Sick. In the case that you have – you’re lucky. In case you have not watched the movie, I’ll go through why you should.
One random video on YouTube led me to Kumail Nanjiani and his standup which by the way is hilarious. It also led me to his movie The Big Sick. I watch a lot of movies irrespective of the genre and I had to watch this movie. The Critics were raving about it and the movie has got a 98% rating on rotten tomatoes – That’s nearly perfect. If you go watch his interviews on YouTube, you’ll find a normal guy explaining how I made a movie about his life, it’s very cliched but very true.
Why is the Big Sick making headlines – Because of its one of the most down to earth movies. The movie is weird but its true. It takes a journey you have never been on. Kumail Nanjiani is hilarious. Every single scene is so well written and the comedy is so hilarious, you’ll be laughing and crying at the same time. There’s such a feel-good charm about this story and the way it tells you that miracles do come true.
Why should you watch it – Because it’ll teach you about life, it’ll teach you what love really is and why you should follow your dreams. Kumail, through all the hardships, has now reached stardom and is in a good place, but he wasn’t always there. He shows you why you have to fight for what you want.
In the end, according to me, The Big Sick is a must watch. Its got drama and love and comedy and everything in between. Watch it and learn the true meaning of love, what it means to lose the people you care about and where real friendship takes you.
It’s in my book of personal favorites.

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