An Emotion Leak.

The Girl inside

Literature Poetry 651

I was searching for something but couldn’t reach,

Found a pretty girl, but couldn’t cross the breach;

What else could I do except look at the ceiling and whine,

Had a hundred thoughts and she was ninety-nine;

Her eyes so bright, makes you look the other way;

Her gaze so deep instantly takes your breath away;

Sitting next to her, my pulse feels like a sledgehammer,

Listening to her voice, I could do nothing but stammer.

Her smile; it wasn’t like the one they showed in the movie,

But when her lips curled, God it was groovy.

She was a tomboy with a figure,

Looking like a nerd with glasses that couldn’t get any bigger.

Outfit not on point, nails not on fleek,

She doesn’t give any effs, she was a total geek.

She was strong, she was resilient and Teira was her name,

‘Strong willed’ it meant, they didn’t misname.

She was a hustler and a player, with pretty big dreams;

She worked so hard, they were her mainstreams.

Sweet and kind, the kinda girl you call perfect;

Being witty and smart, always had a special effect.

Sipping half a cosmo, she would dance so offbeat,

In my life of troubles, she was the cheat sheet;

Living within me, she drives me to happiness somehow;

I so want to be her, just don’t know-how.

Hey tey!

I know you are in there somewhere. I love you and I won’t stop looking for you until the day I see the mirror and see you there.

P.S: Teira is my imagination. I feel like she’s this tiny person that lives inside me. She’s my alter ego.

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