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The Rape and Restitution

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India is one of the most famous countries; known all over the world for its greatness, tradition, technological advancements, culture and the list goes on and something new recently. It is the land where the women are given more respect and worshipped as a god from the ancient times. Even the Vedas speak greatly of women being able to create and destroy at the same time. Indian culture is one among the first to break the stereotypes of the male dominant society in all aspects right from the medieval ages were, we had eminent queens ruling us, and women who have participated in the war and who have joined in protests for freedom fights making their marks in the timeline of history. But that was before, now the women of our nation have become equal to men putting their steps where even men fear to tread. Science, history, technology, research, mining, education and much more name it and you will have it. Despite all this preferment, recent events that have taken place in the past few years have caused an uproar in our society. From knowing for the richness of a country, now to be known as the least safest city for its women. Acid attacks, robbery, murder, rape and of all Rape of an innocent girl! With a literacy rate of 74.04 %, this is still an issue. And the rates of this violation of the dignity of the women have only been increasing. Rape is not something new to India it has been there for a very long time but the rates associated then to now is but alarming. Women of the dark ages were safer compared to the women of the 21st century. About 24,923 cases were reported across India in 2012 [crime in India 2012 statistics, National crime records bureau] and a large number of them go unreported [ Lora Prabhu, The fear that stalks: Gender-based violence in public]. Such grieving issues only make us rethink the safety and return of the women to the dark ages. All this is because some people can’t control what happens in their stupid head and what’s under their pants. Men call themselves strong! But I beg to differ; there is no greater pain than being in labour or enduring all the pain in silence. The strength of a person is not determined by the bulk of the physique but in the strength of the mind that endures.
We live in the golden age of science and integrity. Yet, we don’t understand the concept of humanity and it still can’t change the one thought on how women are treated, objectified and abused. When are we going to understand that women are too human and not a machine to produce babies! They too have dreams, emotions and dignity the same way the men have. Under no circumstance, they can be violated for someone’s pleasure just as it can’t be acceptable for men. And please! Don’t bring the issue of dressing into this. If dressing is the problem in our cases then what’s your answer for the child in her diapers? What did she do? And did the Purdah say something?… Article 19 of the constitutional rights of India assures its citizens for the right to expression among its six freedom rights and yet in the eyes of the society, it is always something seen with a prejudice. If women are seen in shorts and a tight tee it’s sexy and when a man is seen shirtless it’s cool? The audacity in the differences. It is not the matter of exposing the body, it’s in the way as to how we see them. If a person can’t control his thoughts then it is not wise to let loose of an animal in a society. And the saddest part of it is that the people in power silence it and subdued all the horrors or even turn a blind eye towards this. The ancient Athenians were the first to frame their constitution and feared something of all, and that’s what is happening to us. Our constitution is turning from being democratic to being demagogic.
What’s the solution you ask? Consider the facts, In 2002, sexual assault offences stood at 0.3 rapes per 100,000 population [Wikipedia-Rape in Saudi Arabia] the major reason for this is because their laws are highly brutal. The person accused of rape is hanged or stoned to death if found guilty. But at the same time, Japanese rules are not that brutal but the crime rates have been low recently. This is due to the cultural attitude and the mindfulness of others. It is not fair to say that there is no violation of women in Japan or in Saudi; there have been contradictions in this view now and then. But whatever the conditions, comparing to the Indian Judicial system the punishment is swift and decisive rather than flexible. The restitution to the victims to this is almost nil in most of the cases and are dragged for too long. This makes the women abused to not to seek justice and there is the factor of humiliation by the society. Do not for the love of God, publicise the victim but the accused. We all shared the pictures of the victim and broadcasted across the news channel with photos, but what of the accused?! not until lately we did that.  What we require is stricter laws and decisiveness in these cases and most of all a change of attitude in the mindset of the people, for this, rape victims are subjected to social separation by society. New laws that prohibit against the revealing of the victim’s identity must be enacted.  Activist  Bharti Ali, Co-director Center for child rights argues that the society and the government have the miss conception of the victims and does not treat them fair. Due to the societies views, the victims less than 15 years of age drop out of school, fears the medical examination not because of herself but of the parents fear of the society. Parents don’t want to stand for long hours in the police station answering questions about the brutality before filing the FIR. Sometimes they are even not given the copy of the report. She further goes on that making harder penalty, like death sentence means the accused will try to remove the evidence that is the child itself. Her analysis states that almost all of the cases get dragged and takes too long for the verdict. She asks and tells that instead of making harder rules the government must also focus on rehabilitation and faster processing of these cases [ brut documentary report] and as for the society she pleas not to isolate and brand them but help and support them. It is the only restitution that we can provide and a true one that has some meaning.  Let’s for once as a country eradicate this mess that has been created and respect other, for we too are a father, a brother, a husband and a friend with a girl.

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