An Emotion Leak.

The God toy : A dystopian series

Fiction 208

233 years into the future.

The world changed the way you perceive it. The inventive, yet another destructive discovery, of the Blour particle, led the world into a very fast forwarded, futuristic phase. Humans evolved into much higher species, with more powers, comfort and knowledge.
A couple of centuries back, greed & lust for power introduced a new world filled with violence and war. This resulted in divisions among the human society and as usual, different culture emerged as a result of the new world (as if there weren’t enough of that in the early 21st century). The government shattered. The rebels turned against the society. Waves of wars broke out mostly everywhere, one after the other, most, silly fights that involved millions of life, just to show off their power. They simply kept coming.
And finally, the society and the government failed, a new era broke through, a new kingdom. The strongest and most powerful families rose together and played off with the people, their ‘best’, to prove their worth to hold power. And as a result, the world’s population died since there were nuclear missiles eradicating millions of lives in seconds (as part of the war).
Plagues had taken over some parts of the surviving world, some that were thought gone centuries and some, which were not even identified in time to find a cure. The utopian world had turned into a dystopian wasteland except for some corners of the world where the burning radiations never hit (or hit the least) where some took shelter.
As refugees of these wastelands, they were hit pretty bad with a life they had never expected; a life that couldn’t be easily lived. In a couple of big cities, some big fishes figured out the possible outcome of their future long back and built underground cities and chambers inside mountains to protect and ‘serve’, mostly the people who could afford it. This was also built with its own R&D labs and scientific researches were done every day of the following wars. After the nuclear incident, they came across this unknown particle that was unearthed during one of the attacks. It was accidentally discovered by the people when the bomb hit the earth and the whole world was covered in a wobbly living field of energy. You couldn’t call it an EMP wave or some force field. In fact, it had not fried any devices or anyone near it but gave them more energy. It was like an EMP booster; devices that were thought broken were filled with energy, whether it may be electrical or nuclear. Living things near it were affected as well. Their strength and speed and increased twofold and this led to a breakthrough. The R&D and the rest of the surviving people thrived from the new discovery and this was years back


The world was built once again from the scratches after the nuclear war. The people had taken over the corrupt new governments and built bigger cities and towns in some places that were found to be breathable while the rest of the lands were burning due to radiation from the nuclear war. These towns were known by different names than the ones they had previously. New rules were formed. New communities. New changes were made. There was too much of a difference that the people of the 24th century felt that had the biggest breakthrough among the inventions. But some parts of the world that were safe didn’t evolve with them. Not willing to join forces with the futuristic tech. These tradition keepers felt the need to be punished for what their kin did to mother nature or something like that.
Now the world existed in two cultures. The futuristic one and the long-lasting society of outworlders sometimes called as ‘Tribers’ or ‘Outworlders’. There was a lesser war between them now. They lived in harmony until one day the city builders were taken over by some rogue faction within themselves and they were falling into ruins and this was not something the outworlders knew as they were severely separated from the city’s lives. The city was named Forge161 CF-317, one of the most thriving cities that developed the Blour particle into weapons and army appurtenances. This small bit of the story takes place in and around this city.


It’s been almost two years since the last drop of any sort of precipitant from the skies above. It was a bright, hot, (radio) the active morning of the first day of winter. The temperatures had gone up much higher than they were ever used to, but they were tolerable. The outworlders had adapted well to the fallout of the nuclear radiations and were living on the feeds they found out there, whether radiated or not. Their lifespan reduced drastically yet they survived with enough peace and harmony and less of health – unlike the others in the big city. The previous day mid-noon, the sky had turned reddish as they usually do and down fell the dark ashes of the radiated blast debris that burned long ago. The chief of the tribes (nearest to Forge161) was taking his usual lookout-walk around their small skimpy town. He heard rushing footsteps behind him and turned to find his messenger/lookout, Blue, coming towards him in a hurry.
“Don’t run like that, Blue. You won’t be able to speak why you came here if you spend all your energy on it.”
“Sorry …*pants*…Chief…*pants*…”, he said as he leaned down with his hands on his knees to catch his breath.
“Take a deep breath and tell me what this news is about.”
“There is something big going on in Forge161.”
“How big? They usually do big stuff. They are, after all, as they say, ‘the future’. ”
“But this is big, sire. Look”, he got a small tablet device from his front pocket.”
Of course, they weren’t totally in the stone age. Even though they decided to live out here in the wastelands, they used tech. But not the real ones that were being used at the moment in the cities. These people used a previous generation model which still was better than nothing. The tablet looked like a sheet of glass with the edges covered in thick brackets of plastic or whatever materials they were made of. He pressed a button and the plain glass turned bluish and the white display was lit. It showed surveillance pictures and videos of the so-called-city being taken over by the insurgents. He was silent for a few seconds before saying,
“It’s a coup d’état”
“What should I do?”
“Nothing. Keep yourself hidden and stay safe.”
“Should I raise the alarms or inform the men?”
“Not yet. They have nothing to do with us so we should be fine. It’s their land. You go on with your usual duties, but if you find anything suspicious or if there are any new developments, then you report back to me. Understand?”
“Yes, chief.”, with that, he left for his post behind some ruins that would have been some building if it wasn’t taken down centuries ago. The city of Forge161 was not too far away from him, but they had covered the entire perimeter with tall walls that seemed to reach the skies if seen from the ground few inches from it. But it was barely as tall as a skyscraper which they probably have no idea about.
The world was once a wasteland filled with dry soil that was either poisonous or full of radiation, but after one of the Blour explosions, something rejuvenated the nature (in a not-so-good way) and refilled mother nature with her strength, only this time, nature was taking over the earth strongly, fast. Green and yellow coloured bushy grasses grew almost everywhere in the world. In the city, people still feared the lands outside that belonged to the outsiders. Now, this bit of the story is going to take place in and around the Forge161 city and some secrets are hidden beneath the world that can never lay hidden for long. The world was gonna clash. The factions and the people from different cultures are about to meet. Their story will continue further in the next chapter.
This is The God toy and I welcome you to the beginning of an adventure set in a dystopian futuristic Earth.

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