An Emotion Leak.

The God Toy Chapter 2 – Embers

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Chapter 2

“Boys, boys, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We don’t know what’s ahead. You know the rules.”, the guide said.
“Come on, Jonzee. Don’t be a pussy. What if this is some kinda big ‘ol weapon, hidden away from us?”, the third man, Jacke, asked. He spoke in a weird south western accent if that was even a thing during their time.
All right guys, we couldn’t have found this by mere accident. Something led us here. Let’s take a small look around before we report it to the chief”, the bearded leader spoke at last. He was amazed that such a clean place existed within the ground. It almost seems fake. They spend another few minutes examining the samples, extracting it, saving them for further tests back in their place within their colonies.
“Ah”, snapped the 5th man. He wore protective clothes that covered almost every part of his body except above his mouth. Even half of his mouth was covered.
“Whatcha winnin’ abou’?”, Jacke asked.
“This son of a bitch cut my skin. The heck is this made off?”, he asked examining the weird compounds making up the wall.
“If you hadn’t worn all those thickets of cloths, then probably you wouldn’t get cut?”
“That doesn’t even make sense. Please.”
“All right ladies, enough chat.”, Ragman commanded, “Let’s get back before sundown. We don’t wanna find out who else comes here at night. Did y’all get the samples?”, his strong voice echoed throughout. After an affirmative nod from all of them, they decided to pack up and climb back the way they came. Mille was the first to get in – accidentally or not – and he was the first to get out.
“What in hell is this?”, he asked once he got out. He heard voices from down the hall like, “What? What is it?”, “Who you talking to?”, “Uh?”. He didn’t bother them. There was something more interesting than responding to them waiting for him outside.
“He was snoopin’ around, kid. Where the rest of the crew?”, the sixth person asked. They always left the sixth person a few feet from the group to avoid collateral damage in case they came across something or someone dangerous/deadly. “I went a bit too far, fortunately. Saw this duckfuck taking out a blour powered gauge shotgun and if my eyesight is still working fine, then it was a plasma-blast grenade of some sort.” By then, the rest of the squad had reached up and Mille repeated the events to them.
“No shit. Looks like he may know what’s on the other side. Let’s take him in. Was there anyone else with him?”
“Yup, I was behind him as a matter of fact. If someone accompanied him, then I would’ve probably noticed. Let’s get him in before anyone comes looking.”
“Alright, you heard them”, Ragman said, “Let’s get going people. Fast. And Rouch, did you secure the place?”
“Yas boss. All hidden. You wouldn’t even find it in the mid of the day.”, the fully clothe covered man (the scientist of the team, you could say) said.
It rained like a drunk man’s pee later that night, obviously full of radioactive poison most people got used to by now. Lightning, long and breaking, struck the earth, blasting the area to nothing. Luckily, the region around F-161 was free from these terrible problems. They made conductors and other types of equipment and place them around most parts of the town that was not used for living. Everyone took into the shelter, big or small.
Inside the keep
A weary man in his old age, in the blood eater’s clothing, came running towards the upper parts of the watch – the second layer of defence in Forge-161. This was the walls surrounding the entire place, smaller than the keep’s walls, but more secure and on alert. They were the first watch.
He was on the East’s second base lookout, a small watcher’s squad who was given a position for nearby to medium ranged lookouts. Their place has been just below the upper section of the wall, filled with infantries, canons, archers.
“Sergenship Mel, alert the west walls…”, he said, panting. More shouting came from the other side.
“Wake up fools, ring the alarm bells.”
“Alert!”, someone from the north shouted.
The old man didn’t have to say anything, the whole place was awake by then. Even the alarms went off. Loud, ringing bells and sirens.
“Sire, it’s the Giant-horns, a huge herd of them.”
“I heard,” the official in duty said, and ordered his men, “Men! Get ready for a fight. You know how scared those shits are of fire.”
Flame arrows were readied. The Giant-horns were mutated species of elephants that survived the nuclear war and turned humongous and gross. Their body was not nearly as grey as the Indian elephants. In fact, they were bloody skinless and red with muscles, easily bled, but stayed strong for more time than their ‘ancestors’. These creatures moved in herds, at least hundred of them (how the hell they even managed to reproduce in the middle of oozing blood.). Tusks grew creepily thin and sharp at the end, but thick from its root spot.
Bashing into strong walls, trees or something big was their word for fun. The walls covering F-161 were tough, but a hundred 30 ft beasts don’t do simply stand there ogling the wall. Fire, one of the very first inventions that shattered mankind into several pieces into the future of power and pain, was what these red creatures feared the most. It wouldn’t… couldn’t stand the sight of fire.
The archers rallied up at the top of the wall.
“Up!”, the command came –
– In lines of symmetric action, they raised their arrows in line, like a long rope on fire being raised and stretched with a backward hell of a force acting on it.
“Loose!”, the second word of command. It echoed all around, more than enough for the 100 or more archers to hear –
– The flaming arrows flickered in the wind, swaying in its direction. And in seconds, they were on the air, like a galaxy of fireflies, moving about its parabolic direction. They struck the grounds that were earlier wet with a bit of ignitable liquid that was usually found underground (yes, even they had their own scavenging units, but just that they were on a higher level of skills and equipped equally). A small portion of these, near the wall, lit up in embers that seemed as that from the storm that could still be felt in the sky even though the rain had stopped by now.
Screams of rough, thick, coarse hoots came from below.
“Looks like they ain’t stopping.”, one of the soldiers reported.
“Dammit”, the officer went to the edge to a take a look down. The huge beasts did not care about the fire. Weird. They rammed the walls, sending waves of shock that reached the top. One after the other, it continued. There was no stop to it.
“What do we do, sir?” one of them asked.
“What else can we do?” the officer thought for a second, biting his lower lip, with an angry expression on his face, “We destroy them.”


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