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The God Toy Chapter 3 – Prisoner

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Chapter 3


The thick greens absorbed all the light that reached them underground. It didn’t matter now as the barely visible sun dunked beyond the unclear and radiated lands. The explorers’ group had returned later that night. They were greeted by the chief and a few others, who were surprised to find their loot.
‘Care to explain who this is?’ The chief asked.
‘We would’ve been powdered radiation if it weren’t for Standaw. This boy here, belongs to F-161 which he claims is not F-161 anymore,’ the group leader, Ragman, explained.
‘Pure bullshit, I’d say, the boy’s gone cuckoo’ Jacke commented.
‘Take him in before anyone sees us. Ragman, we need to talk,’ he gestured him to stay back. ‘I think he may be right.’ he said after everyone left
‘You know something, Chief?’
‘There’s been a coup. Someone’s taken over the place. The watcher showed me the proof when he came by, a few hours back.’
‘This is bad,’ there was determined fear in his eyes when he heard that.
‘Get yourself a good night’s rest for now. As long they don’t find us, we will be safe. And about the prisoner…we will discuss later,’ the chief said, patting on his back.
‘Yes, Chief,’ Ragman said, leaving the frail old man out, alone. He looked at the creepy reddish skies above them before getting into the small hole on the earth that led them home.
The entrance was a small hollow followed by a flight of handmade muddy stairs that led to an underground tunnel. It was wide enough to fit a fat baby elephant. Faint, cold pungent smell rose around the caves as they got in deeper, which they got used to it by now. Drops of radioactive water, from the moisture collected overhead, dripped here and there. The group crowded towards the other end, echoing their muffled footsteps and scraping clothes.
‘Finally, home,’ Jacke gave a sigh of relief.
‘Let’s get this guy to the west corner before we do anything. No harm in being careful,’ Ragman said, to which, others agreed.
Their path opened up to a huge cavern that was even impossible to imagine from outside. Half of the place was already caved in by the time their first generation started building the place. They had covered the top with intertwined plants and some roofing materials, back in their time, totally eradicating the faintest chance of anyone noticing this place from the top. This roofing was later taken over by the thick roots and veins that, now, provide them with intense protection from any radiation, and leave them stealthily safe, hidden. The ground was deep and thick enough to block radiations or signals of any scanners to penetrate. Then again, the F-161 people didn’t care much about anything outside.
The inner parts of the cavern were enough for a few hundred families to survive. They made their own cultivation of their own, a very few species of crops that can and has survived the apocalyptic world were cultured and cultivated. The cavern extended for at least half a mile. It was later dug deeper to form space when the population started to dwell well within the Tribers.
The whole place was called a town for its liveliness and space. Electrical equipment could be seen everywhere as well. Well, they were not in too deep with the lost world. The ones they had saved and salvaged were used to make things easier for them. Both nuclear powered as well some older models of blour powered gadgets were used. Some even had
The heroes were greeted by their friends and families and were dragged into the dining, which a carpet-sheet covered area in the corner. It resembled tents. There were fragile, and really bad examples of amateur architected buildings which were the ones they could come up with. They used whatever they could find to rebuild themselves.
The whole place was overlooked by the Chief and his family. His son, Yarlus, joined the military section of the Tribers, which were not many though. This was quite a shock for him since his past generations always went into the field of strategists and command of the whole place. But nevertheless, Yarlus proved to be worthy of his path and he was even promoted to a higher command.


Their guest was tied up and imprisoned at the far end of the place where the living rarely went. These were the end of their caverns they had stopped digging in. They rarely went near the place. The living area was cut off from here with a small bend of a cave that was accessible from the north section of the cavern.
Cages, the size of 10 ft. or above, were stacked one above the other, and this was also used as a prison, or at least that was what they intended to use it for. This person was their first prisoner. They were careful even with the excitement and stationed a couple of guards to keep watch.
‘Hey, hey you…over here,’ the mysterious guest called out from his cage.
The guard got up and went a little closer to him, carefully.
‘What?’ he asked.
‘Get me out, uh? I need to do this,’ he gestured with his pinky, a universal sign.
‘Go there itself, no one gives a fuck,’ and he went back and sat at his place.
Little did they know he was actually testing their alertness. Behind, away from their field of vision, he had already hacked the bioelectrical cuffs, probably the only one they had.
Y’all think this works on me? I made them, you rotten fucks, he grinned angrily within.
‘Oye, heard the news? Jacke found the legend’ry card deck lyin’ aroun’ out there. He is s’possed to bring et.’
‘Nice, more guarding, more fun,’ the other guard gave a feeble, fun laughter.
‘Hope he gives me dha deck. I’ve heard rumours he’s goin’ ta give it ta dha kid down the place. The Maepler? Was dhat it, his name was?’
‘Ah, bullshit. Grab it from him while you can, boy.’
They spent the rest of the night talking rumours, stories and gibberish while behind them, a pair of dark blank eyes ployed a deadly escape plan.
Gods and wisdom were common, they said, the previous rulers before the broken land. To attain wisdom was to attain the rightful place beside, no…as equal to the God himself. This was what they thought, but they wrong. They didn’t have wisdom. In fact, every single species of Homo sapiens were fucking dumb. Or else they wouldn’t have pressed the glowing red button that read “Do not press” or “Press here for nuke war”, or whatever shit was written on it. They wouldn’t have started the dumb war if they had even the slightest bit of wisdom. Fucking Gods, it seems. More like Gods fucked them over.
The new rulers didn’t care to think about philosophy or philanthropy. It was all about survival. The survival of the fittest. The one with the power ruled and lived longer. This was the Blood Eaters’ main objective. They were after the God Toy itself. But little did anyone within it knew. Every single one of them, even the most loyal ones were not informed of their main target. They merely joined the swarm to taste violence and power.


Within the secure walls of Forge-161,
‘Secure the lines. We can’t risk another hit,’ a skimpy crackling voice shouted through the intercom.
‘Roger that,’ the ground team leader responded. He turned back to his squad messenger waiting for an order, ‘Grab the machine guns, we are gonna pack some bomb onto those ratshits.’
He nodded with an affirmation and ran towards the ground base near the southwest corner and went into the small building adjoined the wall. A few moments later, half a dozen soldiers came out from there and climbed onto an elevator before they disappeared from view.
It took them a minute and a half before the cranky elevator pulled up at the top of the wall. They stationed themselves at the canon range fitted with plasma cannons.
‘Ready, aim,’ one of them shouted, the leader possibly, the same man who received the order earlier, ‘FIRE.’
Gatling thumps, an ear-popping noise, would have been heard if this wasn’t an apocalyptic science-based future. The plasma canons released the charged ray with a clean zheuumm and blasted whatever it hit to shreds, some, even disintegrated totally.
The live updates were being transferred to the inner walls as well. The main orders came from there. But more violence was not needed as the canons proved more than enough to stop the creatures from putting a hole in the wall. Most of them were burned, fried, or destroyed by the irradiating ray of the plasma cannon. The storm had calmed down, everyone was getting back to their stations after a quick recheck of the stitch. Everything was in place. That was when another alarm went off among the higher officials within the inner layer, quietly. One of their intel officers went missing. He was supposed to keep watch outside the southern walls for anything beyond the Forge-161, towards the direction of the destroyed city.
‘Send in a rescue squad after him. I need an answer,’ Lord Roul commanded his sentinels, ‘Disperse.’
The small projectile doors split open and they marched forward on the particle powered bikes. These were merely hover bikes that were powered by nuclear energy and the blour particle. One of the ingenious scientific invention of their time. The team of 4 highly trained trackers left out for the search. One that would reveal secrets, make secrets, destroy many lives. A war was brewing in the future’s horizon.

To be continued

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