An Emotion Leak.

We are never alone.

Psychology and Life 15728

The shadowy edge between normal and paranormal is more than illusory.

This is a story I don’t often tell. It had scarred me for life. Although I have looked for psychological and natural explanations for what I heard and what I experienced, they remain unsatisfactory.

It was that time of the year when most of the residents of our hostel had gone home. The otherwise crowded corridor was almost empty. All my roommates had gone home. I didn’t want to be alone so I moved to my friend’s room on the third floor for the time being. I turned off the lights and tugged myself in after 10.

For some reason, I wasn’t able to get some sleep. I kept tossing and turning. I could hear the constant tick-tock of the wall clock and it made me sick. No matter what I did the clock still ticked, I tried to count the seconds along with it.

My head was heavy and dizzy and my eyes burn whenever I blinked. With every passing second, I felt like I was getting more and more suffocated. All of a sudden I saw a bright light similar to that of a spotlight on the window. The branches outside had cast its shadow on the window, making it look creepier. I cautiously walked near the window and then the light was gone. There was no one outside the window.


How can this even happen?

The light was here a minute ago and now gone. Just like that. Poof!

I decided to get back to bed, say a silent prayer and shut my eyes closed until morning.As I was pulling my sheets over my head, my friend who was sound asleep, sat up on the bed, mumbled something and went back to sleep. I was puzzled. I sat up and called her name. She didn’t seem to hear. Maybe it was a reflex, I thought. Then I heard a loud ‘Thud!’.

To my left, I saw a pile of books and stationary things shattered on the floor. The window glass had broken too. There was no sign of a stone being thrown. Even if it had been a stone that broke the window.

How did the book on the shelf fall on the floor?

“It’s just a stupid dream.”, my inner voice consoled me “It will be over soon”. I let out a deep breath. “No it isn’t”, came a voice from behind me.

A ragged breathing tickled my neck, I felt a pair of heavy, cold hands on my shoulder but when I startled and looked for it, I realized it wasn’t there. I tried to calm myself down and lay back to get some sleep. I couldn’t.

I could feel the weight against my shoulder bones. I felt as if they were keeping me hostage. I froze, dreading to turn around. I told myself to get a grip and get out of it. I wanted to cry, scream, a runaway from that but the tears had all dried up, my voice was struck and a thick layer of unbreakable fear engulfed me. The fear that it will never end, dawned on me. I tried to free myself, but who was I kidding? I knew I couldn’t.

I prayed it should be a bad dream, that I when I woke up the next day everything should be normal. A raucous voice laughed at me, I felt the grip on my neck tighten. The voice was blaring from all directions. The silence that followed the terrible mocking laugh, got me every nerve. I was scared to open my eyes. I prayed harder. I prayed to all the gods I could think of. Then there a suspicious silence. The only thing I heard was my heart beating frantically. The engulfing silence indicated the nightmare was over. As I opened my eyes a tall dark smoky figure presented itself in front of me. I shut my eyes again. “What are you doing?”, came a confused voice.

That black, tall, smoky figure turned out to be my friend’s silhouette. She switched on the light. I grinned at her like a child. I looked at the clock: 6 in the morning. I could see the sun climbing up through the window gradually. I was after all fully awake and out of that dreadful nightmare. Grabbing the water bottle by my side, I quickly uncapped it. Just when I was about to drink, “Did you do that? And what the hell is that!?”, came her voice. I turned to see her pointing at a pile of books scattered on the floor and a broken window. For a second, my heart dropped to my stomach. I felt a chill down my spine and words wouldn’t come out of my mouth. I managed to tell her everything. That was the last time we stayed in the hostel, during the study holidays. “This must have been a dream.”, that’s what I told myself before seeing the books and the window. And now I know for sure, it wasn’t.

All that I learned that day was, paranormal stuff does exist. Maybe even at this very moment when I’m typing this, there may be a dark entity in my room, watching me from a corner, waiting for the perfect time to show up and scare the shit out of me, who knows?

If God is real, then so is the opposite force. We say, God, the light of life is omnipresent, then what about the opposite force?

No answers, right? I guess we will never know for sure.

I strongly believe We are never alone.

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