An Emotion Leak.

Screams of survival

Thoughts 4671

Helvetica Neue. What kind of ridiculous word is that? To be saying that these words are written with that font, quite soothing if you ask me, but the name though. Ridiculous naming system. Yes, I know. A Latin name for Switzerland or something. But still, couldn’t they have given a simple elegant name like Times?

Anyways, coming to the topic at hand, the weather is quite bedridden these days. Flaming grill heat in the afternoon of central parts of the globe while freeze rays of Mr Freeze during the nights of the poles. This initially worried me about the future of the planet. The survival rate of the upcoming generations. Initial research into the aforementioned topic – mostly reading articles and books related to the same – got me thinking of something which is typically weird at first thought. The ice caps are melting faster than we predicted. The greenhouse gases seem to get accumulated all around us, increasing with every day. The beautiful thick masses of clouds either seem to disappear altogether or appears with toxic carbon compounds in them – thick and disturbingly cloudy at notice. Not to be speaking out loud the global warming issues like the rest of the nature lovers, this is something worse than that. 

Where were we? Oh yes. Melting ice caps. These ice were formed before a millennium, and with the most extreme probability that it froze pathogenic microorganisms from, maybe, Jurassic or Paleogenic era. It’s a probability. And if you are an online bookworm or have fetishes for knowledge then you would’ve seen news about similar facts on the Internet not long ago. 

Keeping that in mind I simply swayed from the normal thoughts. My mind wandered across the solo altitudes of deep thoughts during my solitude, as usual. With my loneliness, a partner, a companion, a sidekick, I strode over these high range place with the affair of thought in one hand. There, beyond the last walkable path to the highest point in the grave canyons of my mind, I saw something stir in the distance. Closer did I go to seek the possible imaginative thought that usually people called the creative brainstorming point. Only there did I know what I was getting at.

It showed me a possibility that sounded so absurd even I asked myself what I had consumed to stimulate my mental thoughts to create this ludicrousness.

What I had come to think was a simple ideology that could easily become a legitimate possibility. What a nightmare that could be. In the highest moments of my thoughts, it occurred to me :

“What if the pathogens were intentionally stored in the ice during the initial hours of the world by mother nature?

(Yes, some of you may have already figured out what I have come to know.)

A safe lock just in case her children turned against her? A sort of reset button to heal herself again. Without consideration of her own children, she would protect herself?


That is an unthinkable idea. Thought.

But a possible one nonetheless.

A cruel being who would kill her children with known infection from the ancient times.”

Feels like from a fairy tale. Isn’t it?

Unfortunately enough, it has already been proved such dangers may melt into our lives if the ice caps further melt. God forbid it happens.

For now. Let us concentrate on moving to another planet for the time being. To invade and extract more than sufficient resources to thrive in the future. Mar’s crust is tested for some sufficient, although a few, resources. First Mars, then the other planets. One by one. Slowly, we will consume on them rather than this one being of a planet we call ‘Mother Earth’. There are billions of planets throughout the universe in distant galaxies and stars. A billion more possibilities. Let us worry about getting out of this toxic relationship now when we have the chance.



P. S.  A note of thought by JJ, currently residing in Canada since the weed legalisation. Perhaps my seller gave me something else accidentally. Seller…come to think of it, I must ask him what species of plant he got from ‘Mother Earth’ which turned against her to give me this insight.

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