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Well! Is this a Polygamy-ish Monogamy?

Psychology and Life 619

Have you ever thought about the change of human mindset over years on relationships? Are humans really monogamous, like our society teach us? Humans are one among the mammals that adapted polygamy in the early stages. There are so many theories proposed by anthropologists to justify how and why humans became monogamous ‘suddenly’. One among the theories which were accepted in a majority was due to the spread of STD(Sexually Transmitted Disease) among the mating groups. The next acceptable theory was- males tried to protect their mating females from another male in order to protect their offspring. This is because female spend more time in looking after the offspring and do not come in for mating. This would let the male to kill the offspring to mate with the female. Later with the onset of agriculture, human became greedy to protect their wealth. Then ‘The Marriage system’ came into practice. It is not only a mating system anymore.
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The socially imposed monogamy made the humans hunt for another partner in the dark. The stories remain concealed under the pseudo-monogamy system. People are ashamed to accept this truth in an open platform. The biological imprints of polygamy are the reasons behind the in-disciplined society. In countries like India, marriage system is transfer/rotation of wealth among families. Where over years, women are deprived of their primal desires. This muted their sexual desires too. They can’t talk about their feelings openly even to their parents. But men were not taught being monogamous was essential. We have heard about the kings having many queens. If so, this rule was exceptional for kings? Or the later society made this system look cheap(as we refer now)? The history of our culture has been twisted leading to the current state of the society. No one can be monogamous throughout their life. They are just ‘monogamous for a period’. This is why I say it’s a “Polygamy-ish monogamy”. There is nothing wrong if someone spends their lifetime with many individual, that’s how the human genome is printed. It doesn’t have to be a hot gossip. This is how certain countries are now. Our culture was perfect but we failed to accept it from the scratch and now dangling between our own culture and the influential western culture. Either cultures are immaculate in their own way. A basic right of every individual is to live the life they love. Unless it harms others, it’s better to avoid chaos. Have a happy day!

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