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Why Worry? The World is full of life!

Psychology and Life 171

Why worry? The world is full of life!

“Walk the walk of ages, for there is nothing harder than what you have already faced”

  • – Bayakuya Thrandruil

On my previous article, I’ve discussed, how brutal a war could be. Likewise, life too is full of battles and pain making the world look gloomier. We all work hard and strive amidst them to make our life happier that, we only concentrate on hardships and forget that there is more than that to life. We all want to have a life that is full of happiness and no heartbreaks. But is that even possible? When we encounter a problem or devastating news, we all have the right to break down and cry over it. But how do we get over it? Now that’s the question we all keep asking about.

The Life of total bliss! :

Psychologist Robert Nozick, explains the concept of Hedonistic thoughts to be toxic after much deliberation. He explains that when we enjoy too much of bliss without any space for other feelings like disappointments or sorrow, the life that we live will become ignorant of the life that surrounds us. Enjoying too much of pleasure will make you more senile and complacent that you don’t realise the true value of anything until it’s too late for you to fix the miss happenings. The best example is the Cyrenaic School of philosophy, found by the Greek philosopher Aristippus. He argued that “One must always seek to maximise one’s activities that bring pleasure alone and was the most important thing in life”. His philosophy was that one must never care about the consequences of the action if it were to yield you pleasure. When he was questioned about his relationship with multiple women of pleasure, he answered that if a man were to reject a house just because it was occupied by someone previously then no one will have a place on earth to live with. But, indulgence in such gratifications will ultimately yield problems beyond comprehension. In a real-life scenario, when a person is to find himself in multiple relationships for the pursuit of pleasure and happiness, he only finds himself prone to deadly diseases and is to live a life but full of deceit. When met with devastation he finds no one truly to stand and support him, for the people he meets will also be in pursuit of their own pleasure failing to see his suffering. Nozick elucidates that a person with, maximum pleasure will lose one’s morality and ethics of human value. He says, “In the act of maximizing one’s pleasure he or she forgets the virtues like compassion, love and other such feelings even anger and pain making them a living dead.”

The Suffering of Attachment:

All the hardships that we face in our life have a purpose divine. They act as schools teaching the way of life. Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, the divine goddess of the Buddhists after listening to the countless woes of the people meditated on finding a solution for this suffering. She perceived that all five Skandhas (all bodies, feelings, perceptions, actions, and consciousness) which make the life were nothing but mirages and defined the term Sunyata (Emptiness). She explains that suffering arises when one is attached to the Skandhas and will not be able to attain the ultimate reality. Wow! Let’s all back up a bit. We can’t ignore all the needs of life and become a saint. But the teaching doesn’t ask you to let go of everything but asks of you to not to be attached to anything and everything while working hard on achieving something. The best example to this is when a sculptor tries to give shape to the stone, he is met with a lot of hardships and suffering to earn his meal. He gets hurt and experiences pain in the process. If he were to concentrate on the pain more he won’t be able to complete his work and sell it. Thus he won’t be able to earn for his living, for the attachment yielded to greater losses. She advocates to experience the pain for it is inevitable but, suffering over is a choice of yours. For all the emotions are essential for the development of life for without one the other can’t exist. Just as how the pure lotus needs the impure soil for its nourishment so does life.

The Tapestry of Life:

 Have you ever broken down and wondered what life was a total mess and you can’t help crying over it? Problems teach us to improvise, in an office when you tend to make mistake, your boss chides you. This only helps us not to commit the same mistake over again but become an expert in that field. Similarly, this applies to others too. Sometimes the mistake is not on yourself but you bear the consequences for it, like in the case of meeting with an accident or having a disease. Everything has a purpose in life and had happened for a reason. In the case of cancer patients, they didn’t do anything ever to deserve this upon them but, their lives have given hope in the darkness for others. People like, Hugh Jackman, Lance Armstrong, Robert De Niro and countless of other’s life has stood as a testimony of faith and courage when everything was about to be over. Life is like a grand tapestry. When you look at the back, it is fully messed up and random that you don’t see any designs over them. But when you look from the other side you see a whole lot of beautiful designs interlaced over the mat. So is the life that we live, when things are messy we just see it from our side of the view and not of the other making us hard to comprehend the grand design of destiny, just be patient and try to work out the solution for it rather than worrying about it. Give in your best shot and let it be, things will fall into the right place on their own. Most of the problems happen due to our misunderstanding and not listening or our lack of hard work and temper. All these can be solved when you give it some time and think about it to find solutions rather than fretting.

Pain is learning:

The mistakes that we make teach a lot for us. Once such incidents that we all can relate to is when we are told that fire can hurt us in our childhood we don’t take it seriously and try to touch it with our curiosity. Only when we are hurt by the hot flames we realise that it is dangerous. The pain caused reminds us constantly of the imminent danger that it poses us with, steering us away from it and makes us be careful around it. By accepting the pain we throttle ourselves towards excellence and no harm comes from it, for pain keeps us away from making the same mistake over and over again. Pain is learning. Pain is an experience.

What of the losses and betrayals:

 Sometimes, events such as the death of a beloved or betrayal by our loved ones are too much to bear with. Understand this, the reason for the death of your beloved is not your doing. Neither are the betrayals of others your mistake. These events hold greater values of wisdom in them. Death reminds us that this life is temporary and soon all this will come to an end that we must do everything possible to help others and make the most of it and enjoy in this short life that we are blessed with. Death means ceasing to exist. No one is truly dead until he or she is forgotten through time they shall always live with us in the happy memories of our mind. As long as they are remembered in our memories they are always alive. As for the betrayals, just let it go. Forgive them not for their sake but for you to move on. That way you are not hindered by their actions or yours. Karma will do its part. For what you give is what you’ll receive. Let this be a lesson for you to be conscious that you are not burnt by the same flame over again. At these times, you have all the rights to break down and cry but do not linger creating more distress but concentrate in the future. Cry to let out the sorrow and not to keep it as an excuse for you to seek solace. For the true solace lies in moving on.

Your suffering may be inflicted by others but ultimately it rests in your hand as to how you wish to react to them. Either through your success or your failure. In times of darkness always remember these words, “Even this too shall come to pass”, for nothing is permanent and nothing shall prevail long, even the darkest of nights must give way for the rising sun. Endure this pain and accept it for it will lessen your hurt. Why worry about one thing, when the world is full of life to celebrate with!


Thanks to Almighty God who had given me and made all that I am today. A great many thanks, to my beloved brother Keerthi Varman for teaching me what true goals and vision were, my professors Dr Sai Ramesh, Dr Shankar Subramanian, and Dr Ansel Vishal for teaching me the philosophy and the way of life, its beauty and brutality. Thanks to Mr Vivek and Ms Dhivya for teaching me the values of compassion every day at college. Thanks to Master Sheng Yen and Master Thich Nhat Hanh for teaching me all the Buddhist doctrines of life that I follow to this day, for making me understand the Law of emptiness through endless YouTube videos. Thanks,  Sai, Vishwath , Hayagrif, Sherin, and Juana, for being my Star of Eärendil, guiding me and sustaining me in my darkest hours providing me with your wisdom to endure these tests. Of all, I thank my parents, who despite their hardships were there for me at all times.

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