An Emotion Leak.

Will Madrid ease through leganés?

Football Real Madrid 156

Venue-Estadio Municipal de Butarque,Leganés,Spain.

Round– Copa del Rey, Quarter finals,
1st leg.

Day/Time – 18, January,2018.
21:30 (CET),02:00 (IST)

It may sound like an easy draw for Madrid, but it isn’t so.Madrid have continuous matchdays i.e they have 4 matches within upcoming 10 days.Benzema isn’t fit, Ramos isn’t fit, Marcelo is in poor-form, Carvajal often sneaks out of position, Cristiano isn’t so good, All these are enough to explain that definitely, Madrid is definitely under huge pressure.
Zidane would hope to try something new that would help to put Madrid back-on-track.

Since there is a lineup of matches Zidane didn’t include Bale, Benzema, Cristiano, Ramos, Marcelo in the 19 man squad.If luck favors the great, then it should definitely help Madrid, the team’s midfield is too strong With Kroos, Modric, Casemiro, Isco, Asensio all in the squad (Am not mentioning their recent form)And also reports of Kepa with Madrid would put Navas to give his best.

Madrid’s recent results are also not convincing after winning only one in their last five games.And the result from the last round also not pleasing, Madrid would definitely try to regain their class and they’d give anything to win the other titles since the league is literally gone!!!

Possible lineups:
Cuéllar, Zaldua, Muñoz, Mantovani, Rico; Pérez, Pires; Zhar, Eraso, Amrabat; Guerrero.

Real Madrid-
K.Navas,Varane,Nacho, Carvajal,Ashraf,Casemiro,Modric,Kroos,Isco,Mayoral,Vazquez.


Leganés 0-2 Real Madrid.

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