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October 16, 2018

Disclaimer: Language and sentences that will make you ask wtf. Proceed if you are not offended easily or want to be offended.



What is that one indifferent matter concerning this generation of India, but equally not given a fuck about it by the general population – *ahem* the older ones?
Education? Nah, it’s the world’s problem.
Racism? Socialism? Nazism?
Nope, Nope, and Nope.
It’s the one and only, the very exclusive showcasing feature of our Indian culture, the foremost internationally spoken matter of Monogamy!
Well, I’m not exactly going to speak on monogamy. Now that I’ve got your attention on a rarely used word. Let me emancipate my fury against the topic,


Indian Arranged Marriage

What the Fuck, man? Did it take this long for this country retards of this generation to realize this matter? What is exactly going on in old people’s mind; The minds of the older generation still satiated by the “traditional” aspects of the country.

*Takes a deep breath*

Let me go back to the start.

*Exhales anxiously*

This all started back in some ‘once-a-upon-a-time’ of the Vedic era. The Kings and Lords of the same era preferred the arranged marriage, and I must say it went quite decent too. They looked into the consent of the bride and some other criteria such as the Stature of the family, caste, religion, look and various other shit like that we find these days in a different form. Let me come back to that later.
Ok, this happened and the world moved on. The people didn’t. Or did they? Well, they kinda did. In a bad way.
Ever since then, the culture passed on and is now a major irritant for young people of the Indian society. These days they simply push their daughters into “Arranged marriage” ones they finish the basic degree or whatever they do after high school. Some even fix the details during her studies.
For now, let us take an example: The graduations are done, and off to a company she goes. Next week, marriage is fixed, and the third week, she’s off on a cheap honeymoon before her boss calls her because he’s running out of slaves in the corporate.
The unasked question is this. Why was this done? The parents assuming she stays safe when with some random stranger they married her off to and honestly makes her sleep with him on the first night, a total stranger, sleeping with you in the same bed? Imagine that.
What were her parents thinking if she wasn’t married? Getting drunk, hanging out with boyfriends (obviously with a friend zone which is clearly visible in the text), ageing beyond 27 years which is the critical limit in the marriage of a woman’s life in India – beyond which the rate of probability of her marriage drops subsequently below the starting line, and the panic starts that she won’t be able to produce babies for their weird baby fetishes; clued off at cliché dialogues like, “When are you going to have a baby?” “I want to become a grandmother.” “Don’t you want me to see your child before I die?” Etc and Etc…
The parents decide who gets to screw her and give her the biggest displeasure of an experience one might ever experience.
It’s obviously some horny guy in disguise of rich and wealthy stature of family, and perhaps the looks in addition to it, or the ever glowing executive words of gold that manipulates the bride’s parents like ‘Gulf Mapla’ or ‘London Mapla’, who they choose for the marriage and make her sleep with him that night. What the CAPITAL fuck!?


IT’S THE SAME FREAKING THING AS GETTING RAPED WITH PERMISSION FROM YOUR FAMILY. lmao. I am seriously laughing at this; the situation and the scenario. Lmao again.

But look at the new generation’s folks. Some are changing. Fewer old folks are changing as well. Perhaps revisiting the original arranged marriage concept as they do. Letting the girl decide her future for herself. Where she wants to live and what she wants to do. That’s progress. This progress was all thanks to feminazis. (Don’t come hurdling at me for that. xD)

Men, on the other hand, are a different matter of issue altogether. They are forced into a job that he will definitely end up hating to the inner core of the definition of hatred in the first 6 to 10 months of his work. Get enough money. Spent it all in for the family’s debt and go broke himself and marry a lass who is exactly 4 years younger than him ( the younger the better and ripe for producing the babies for the family to visually satisfy their perverted ‘baby theories.’) And the whole cycle repeats. Or at least that’s what it was happening until now.
The current generation, or to be honest, half of our current generation realized the problems and issues of this fucked up method of marriage and life.
To be clear, I ain’t asking you to go fornicate with anyone you want. Take note of that.
What I’m trying to convey is that, please take your time before you jump into a pit of never going back. What’s once broken can never be fixed, and even if it is fixed it will never be the same. Life is only once and it is only yours. Live it for yourself. TAKE CHARGE. Ask questions. YOLO.



I mean, What The Fuck. This ain’t even something to speak formally. Such idiotic idiocrasy it is.

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