An Emotion Leak.

A WTF Theory

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When the clock strikes the digits. When the last of the seconds have gone by. When the chores are left undone by household humans. This is what they are visually hypnotised into doing; satisfying their sensory fetish for people suffering and being mentally tortured – i.e groups of people put into an enclosed home-style-set-up prison, monitored by more than sixty cameras, or Individuals handpicked for their talent by the ones in the upper hierarchy of talent, often called Judges, or someone in the extreme end of the pecking order of good looks who dramatically find a bride/groom from a dozen cheap attention seekers who have worth of everything they brought from home, or a couple of self loathing fashionistas who promises to change the looks of a normal looking comfortable person by draining out their bank account.

These are merely a few of the pieces of faeces we find on television these days known by a common (disowned) genre, “Reality Show”. Ask me why, and I would only give you the biggest shrug you have yet to see.

The major point to note here is that the subjects are either volunteers or selected parties who do this willingly in the name of fame or money or both, and the channel, for the three golden letters which make the people working there orgasm thrice before realising where they are : T R P.

Reality Show

If you think deep there are facts and figures that this is all a big conspiracy. What The Hell. Conspiring against the normal households, or are they a part of this unbeknownst to them?
Nothing can be said for sure. It has been going on for a long time, almost more than two decades, perhaps three, slowly surging through the minds, intoxicating everyone into making the T.R.P. skyrocket off the roof so that they could get themselves an exclusive package of the satisfaction. Oh yea, baby. Hmmm.
Such atrocities. Much Idiocy.

Fame and money is nothing when you come out and find yourself neck deep in water. Literally in water. Anything shite can fall on you suddenly that can be an impact big enough to cancel out your Lamborghini like an  x on LHS & RHS. My dumb, lazy and slow brain might’ve not grasped the concept yet, but I am sure there is more illogical explanation to fame & money.

Note that I am not here to judge or give any opinion. It is of course a world where people get offended just by helping them cross the street. I simply vomited out a question of theory from my mind. That is all. If you ever get offended. Why the fuck not? Please take one of the shrugs from the first of the pictures and satisfy yourself with a T.R.P.

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